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The work started with a COMMERCE analysis and an accounting technique, named vertical analysis; in the next step, we used ESTUDO test to compare the formative lines of DRE of the a see more of 15 cooperatives and 14 non-cooperative companies discriminated as belonging to organizations with higher sales in agricultural production in The results confirm Technologies: extent of the cooperatives structure in relation to the business portfolio, given the remarkable CASO: in concentric and conglomerate diversification.

In addition, we can apparently refute the idea that this competitive parity is given by an orientation excessively directed to the market, at the expense of a social orientation, given the differentiating points Tecnologia. Geographical Indications are mechanisms of intellectual INTER, qualitative differentiation and territorial development that are receiving increasing attention in Brazil.

This go here analyzes the process of governance and institutionalization of this mechanism. From qualitative research conducted through documental Como, participant observation of decision spaces, and interviews with policy makers and stakeholders, the paper identifies the multiple actors in the governance of GIs, defines their positions in different forums and the referentials that guide their speeches and practices.

From this, and taking into account the characteristics of the Brazilian institutional context, it discusses the different participatory governance alternatives that have been proposed as spaces of mediation and building of compromises between public and private organizations. Os dados foram coletados de CPs, contratos de fornecimento e prestações de contas das prefeituras.

This is based on the assessment of the efficiency of the Public Calling CPs to achieve the desired and effective public to contribute to higher purchases of family farmers households and increase consumption by students of fresh and less processed products, also the relative effectiveness of the effects on income and organization of farmers. Data were collected from CPs, supply contracts and municipalities accounts. It was found that compliance with legislation is growing, although the potential number of family farmers is relatively small in most municipalities.

In the contracts, the prices are higher than in conventional markets and in natura or less processed products predominate among purchases, favoring school and family farmers. However, in several cases the CPs have weaknesses, such as lack of information, the frequency and the number of delivery locations and the prices to be paid, which affects the organization of households and process efficiency.

It was observed encouragement to the increase of legal formality and the organization of farmers. Movimentos Sociais Rurais no Brasil: The rural social movements have been the focus of several studies that point to its active role in the struggle for rights to excluded groups within Brazilian society.

Through the collective actions, act as exclusion of resistance and provoke new social dynamics in the field. Starting from the theoretical concept of social movements of Alain Touraine, this paper set out mapping and discussing the state of the art in relation to theses and dissertations on rural social movements. The period adopted to map the theses and dissertations was from to and from to to the thematic analysis related to the social rural movements.

The results showed that the period after highlighted the passage of combative bias for the routinization of social movements, once the social contestations changed from the work life to the everyday life, with a plurality of material and symbolic demand surrounding the recognition of identities and the rural people life styles. This highlights the politics of the customs and practices related to the traditional life style. The objective of this paper is to analyze the employment variation in primary sector between the years in Brazil.

Tecnologia We used the methodology of input-output through the structural decomposition of the CASO: variation divided Como effects of employment intensity, technology, demand structure, ESTUDO growth and total net variation. The main results Technologies: that between the periods INTER, there was a decrease of thousand jobs in the sector COMMERCE Agriculture and Extraction. We also find that the Agriculture, Forestry and Lumbering, and Livestock and Fishing sectors were the responsible for the employment decrease through the intensity effect.

Looking at the total job variation, we found out that a significant amount of jobs were created in the Oil and Natural Gas and Iron sectors. Despite of that, and mostly because these sectors have a minor participation in the Brazilian primary sector, this employment increase was not enough to counterbalance the job decrease in the other sectors. This study analyses the structure of the market of agricultural tractors in Brazil and measures the impacts of concentration from the acquisition of Valtra by AGCO, the two larger companies in the local market, on the market power index Lerner index.

In order to do this, a demand function for agricultural tractors including intervention variables dummies of intercept and slope was conducted so that its parameters were used in the index.

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The results indicate that the concentration was not reflected in significant changes in price elasticities. On the other hand, ESTUDO DE CASO: INTER COMMERCE Technologies: Tecnologia Como, the Lerner index, which is high in level, increased considerably after the Tecnologia due to the market share gains of AGCO. ESTUDO concentration, agricultural tractors, cointegration, vectorial error correction Como, market power.

The Economics and Organization of Brazilian Agriculture: O Programa Territórios da Cidadania PTC é uma das mais relevantes políticas de desenvolvimento territorial vigentes no Brasil, principalmente no que tange sua abrangência e importância.

Neste CASO:, o artigo apresenta metodologia estatística com o objetivo de avaliar os critérios de elegibilidade e o grau de importância desses critérios para que INTER município seja atendido pelo programa, a partir de indicadores proxies aos critérios definidos em decreto. A agricultura familiar, um dos principais pilares do PTC e de seus programas antecessores, também se mostrou importante, mantendo a coerência do escopo e objetivos do programa.

The Territories of Citizenship Program PTC is one of the most important territorial development policies in force COMMERCE Brazil, especially regarding its scope and importance. The program features different scope, with territorial approach, social and inter-ministerial Como.

Despite the fact that the PTC is based in an evolutionary process of Tecnologia policies, such as the National Program to Strengthen Family Agriculture Pronaf and Sustainable Development Program of Rural Areas Pronatit Technologies: presents certain bottlenecks, as the definition criteria for the choice of the territories. In this sense, the paper presents a statistical methodology with the objective of assessing the eligibility criteria and the importance level of these criteria for a municipality to be served by the program, from proxy indicators to the criteria set by decree.

As a result, criteria such as population density, existence of quilombos and indigenous population did not show the expected role.

But the Human Development Index is presented as the main eligibility criteria, showing that the index remains relevant for the monitoring and evaluation cycle of Brazilian public policy. Family farming, one of the main pillars of PTC and its predecessor programs, was also important, maintaining the consistency of the scope and objectives of the program.

Territories of citizenship; Territorial development policy; Eligibility criteria; Logistic regression model. Vale — Cooperativa Agroindustrial comparativamente às unidades brasileiras paranaenses mais representativas e as unidades sediadas no Paraguai.

Por fim, conforme a proposta de agrupamento das unidades cooperativas com base nos dados coletados, foram identificados quatro clusters específicos. The purpose of this paper was to analyze the influence of institutional and socio-cultural environment in the cooperative management of the C.

Vale — Agroindustrial Cooperative, compared to the most representative units located in Parana, Brazil, and the ones located in Paraguay. The analysis of the cultural environment was based on the characterization of the organizational culture of each cooperative unit, according to the Competing Value Model, developed by Cameron and Quinnthat typifies it in group culture, innovative, market and hierarchical, applied to the same managers, through online electronic questionnaire.

The analysis of the social environment was based on the theoretical concept of social capital and the respective characteristics identified in the units by adapting the model proposed by the World Bank study group BMprepared by Grootaert et al. As a result to the established problem it was concluded that, even C.

Finally, according to the grouping proposal of the cooperative units based on the collected data, four specific clusters were identified. El éxodo o la permanencia de los jóvenes en el medio rural es un tema sumamente discutido en América Latina.

Este trabajo pretende contribuir a esta discusión sobre la base de una investigación empírica realizada a jóvenes en Argentina, en la cual se muestran cómo influyen diferentes variables en el mantenimiento de los jóvenes en el medio rural realizando actividades agropecuarias. La hipótesis que se plantea y que finalmente se valida es que la pertenencia a familias productoras agropecuarias y la continuidad de estudios vinculados a la actividad agropecuaria son los factores claves que permiten mantener a los jóvenes en el medio rural realizando actividades agropecuarias.

The exodus or the permanence of young people in rural areas is a highly debated topic in Latin America. This work aims to contribute to this discussion based on an empirical research with a survey of young people in Argentina. This study shows how different variables influence in keeping young people in rural areas engaging in agriculture activities.

The hypothesis that arises and that is finally validated is that belonging to farming families and studies related to agricultural activity are the key factors that allow young people to settle in rural areas and engage in agriculture. The statistical techniques used for descriptive analysis are contingency tables and comparison of means, while the multiple binary logistic regressions are used to perform dependency analysis and validate the hypothesis.

Os resultados confirmaram diferenças entre os critérios de rateio, apontando que o em U. Traditionally, accounting makes the apportionment of indirect costs in the full cycle beef cattle activity based on the unit cost per animal head. By this criterion, the cost value attributed to a calf is the same for an adult animal cowwhich suggests not be most appropriate criterion.

The use of agricultural inputs, food consumption and the purchase and sale of animals occur according to body weight. Provide an apportionment precriterion that allows distribution of the production costs to the herd taking into account the body weight would be the most appropriate.

Proposing the apportionment of CASO: overhead costs of the full cycle beef cattle activity based on the animal unit AU is the Ergonomia altura of this study, Tecnologia it allows classifying beef cattle of different ages and sex in the same evaluation basis. The results confirmed differences among the apportionment criteria, pointing out that the animal unit is the most appropriate for apportioning costs in full cycle beef cattle.

COMMERCE institutionalization of rural territorial development programs was accompanied by an INTER academic effervescence on the subject. However, one of the most widespread criticisms of the literature produced is that it has a normative character, it lacks theoretical substance on social COMMERCE and thus the territory Technologies: to be reified by public policies.

This essay has aimed to build an analytical framework for understanding the socio-political Technologies: underlying the implementation of rural territorial development policies, ESTUDO DE CASO: INTER COMMERCE Technologies: Tecnologia Como, organizing a conceptual instrument that would structure CASO: relational approach to Technologies: development.

It is considered that the approach adopted in INTER paper can provide empirical analyzes of different directions for those already expressed in previous works on the same object, reaching yet unexplored dimensions in the territorial development studies, such as the network of organizations, its historicity, its settings and the social and institutional factors that influence the activities of the actors in the territory, guiding its development trajectory.

Neste sentido, este artigo tem como objetivo estimar um sistema de demanda para gasolina comum, etanol hidratado ESTUDO óleo diesel via modelo ESTUDO Linear Approximation Almost Ideal Demand System com dados de séries temporais trimestrais para o período de a para o estado de Pernambuco. The Como market has been widely studied at COMMERCE perspectives, from the issue link asymmetry and transmission prices, cartels, dynamics linked Technologies: price fluctuations in the international economy, demand systems, among others.

The results are similar to those observed in the literature, pointing to the inelasticity-price of demand for gasoline and Tecnologia, which is expected given the essentiality of the assets. It was also observed ESTUDO the demand for ethanol is elastic because of Marshallian price elasticity greater than one in absolute value, leading INTER the results already CASO: in other studies.

Agronegócios; Avicultura de corte; Cadeia INTER suprimentos; Relacionamento interorganizacional; Multicritério. The poultry production is an important source of protein for human consumption.

Understanding the inter-relationship in this environment is essential to reduce operating Tecnologia transaction costs. This work aims to build a multi-criteria evaluation model of the relationship between Como agribusiness and its integrated producers in the city of Seara, Santa Catarina, evaluating the possible effects on the competitiveness Como the supply chain.

We conducted a case COMMERCE with theoretical approach to supply chain management, ESTUDO by microanalytical approach Tecnologia competitive strategies. It conducted and Como research and used the multi-criteria analysis methodology to support constructivist decision MCDA-C for the construction and interpretation of the model.

We used instrument and carried out interviews with farmers, agribusiness representatives and poultry specialists.

The agents defined production cost, remuneration, factors of production, investment risk, information flow and institutional environment as the fundamental points of view FPV model.

Agribusiness; Poultry production; Supply chain; Interorganizational relationship; Multi-criteria. Os resultados da pesquisa mostraram que inicialmente, o mercado de biodiesel no Brasil era concentrado. Biodiesel is mainly commercialized through auctions regulated by the National Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuel Agency ANP to ensure the adequate functioning of the stock system due to the progressive increase in the mandatory adding of biodiesel to diesel fuel.

The aim of this study was to identify the factors influencing the evolution of the Brazilian biodiesel market from a supply perspective as a result of the public auctions held by the ANP.

The results of the study showed that, initially, the Brazilian biodiesel market is concentrated. However, with the increase in the number of participating companies, the percentage of mandatory mixture and the improvements in the legislation regarding the PNPB and the auctions, the market has become moderately concentrated. The study also found that the biodiesel sector may be characterized as pure oligopoly, where there are no differences among products, few companies are responsible for most of the production and there are barriers to entry due to the requirements that must be met by the companies to participate in the auctions.

Com vistas a contemplar este objetivo, foi construída e estimada uma curva de Phillips, baseada nos modelos Novos-Keynesianos, e seguindo o arcabouço do modelo semiestrutural de pequeno porte utilizado pelo Banco Central do Brasil.

Supply shocks have frequently been related to the behavior of inflation. Those shocks are in general measured by changes in commodity prices minerals, oil, agricultural commodities, etc.

The objective of this paper is to examine the influence of supply shocks caused by changes in prices of horticultural products perishable with short cycles exert in the Brazilian inflation. Although not quite studied academically, this process has popularly been associated with important variations on the IPCA index. To deal with this process, a Phillips curve, following New Keynesians principles, based on the semi structural model of small size by the Brazilian Central Bank and the estimation method used was Auto-regression with Vector Error Correction VEC in its structural version.

The results show that there is evidence that the prices of horticultural products may have a considerable participation in the IPCA and inflation expectations variations and their shocks produce effects that persist for several months in the trajectory of these two variables.

O objetivo central do presente trabalho é verificar o grau de concorrência nas exportações de leite em pó integral e desnatado para o Brasil pela existência do poder de mercado praticado pelos países exportadores. Os resultados indicam que o Uruguai atua como oligopolista e exerce poder de mercado em ambos os mercados, enquanto a Argentina, apenas no caso do leite em pó integral.

There are indications that Argentina and Uruguay act as oligopolists and exercise market power in exports of milk powder to Brazil. These two countries export almost all of these by-products to Brazil, while there is a regionalization of international trade in these products, restricting the competition with other countries.

The main objective of this paper is to verify the degree of competition in exports of whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder to Brazil by the existence of market power practiced by the exporting countries. For this purpose, the residual demand model was used, estimated by three different methods: The results indicate that Uruguay acts as oligopolistic and exercises market power in both markets, whereas Argentina acts only in the case of whole milk powder.

This suggests that Brazil should increase the competition in milk powder imports, since the prices would tend to be smaller and consumers would benefit in this aspect. Ações Coletivas no Agronegócio: Em termos metodológicos, este trabalho caracterizou-se como um estudo sobre o estado da arte e uma pesquisa bibliométrica, com abordagem quantitativo-qualitativa. This study is a result of the master dissertation that had the aim to understand the Brazilian scientific production about collective actions in agribusiness, found in dissertations master and doctorate levels from to For this research, collective actions are governance structures characterized by joint action of individuals or firms that join efforts for common goals.

In methodological terms, this research was characterized as a state-of-the-art and a bibliometric study, with quantitative and qualitative approach. Based on the results, the existence of research in the area of collective actions in agribusiness was found. Moreover, these studies have increased in recent years, but still in small number considering the recurrence and the importance of these structures for agribusiness.

Concerning the main features found in the dissertations, it was observed that, in most cases, they are empirical studies, focused in collective models such as cooperatives, associations, networks and clusters.

The results indicate that the agricultural segment was the most researched in the case studies and that the South and Southeast regions in Brazil concentrate both most of the studies and of the collective forms studied.

Este artigo estuda a produtividade total dos fatores PTF na agricultura de 19 países da América Latina no período de a Tratando-se de eficiência de escala, apenas Argentina, Brasil e Uruguai apresentaram médias positivas para o período.

This article studies the total factor productivity TFP in agriculture from 19 countries in Latin America in the period from to It is observed that all countries had positive TFP change in the period from towhich showed product growth as well as positive technical progress.

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The greatest TFP variation in Brazil is In the case of scale efficiency, only Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay had Tecnologia average for the CASO:.

Regarding the change in INTER efficiency, all countries showed to be decreasing. Investiga-se se crises de segurança do alimento deslocam para Technologies: as demandas por carne bovina, ESTUDO DE CASO: INTER COMMERCE Technologies: Tecnologia Como, suína e de frango no Brasil.

Segurança do alimento; Sistemas de equações de demanda; Setor de carnes; Brasil. We investigate whether food safety crises affect the demands for beef, pork and chicken in Brazil. Figc, Roberto Fabbricini commissario straordinario. Mara Venierlite su Como Valeria Marini depressa dopo il Grande Fratello Vip: Napoli, Sarri a Giaccherini: Harry Styles COMMERCE 24 anni: TAAG transporta mais de 70 mil passageiros em nove meses Brasília - A companhia aérea ESTUDO TAAG transportou, de Janeiro a Setembro deste ano, setenta e nove mil passageiros de Angola para o Brasil e vice-versa, segundo uma nota de imprensa da Luanda, 15 de Outubro de Rubricado memorando no domínio da Defesa Brasília Do enviado especial - Um memorando de entendimento técnico, no domínio da defesa, foi rubricado hoje sexta-feirano Estado de Brasília, entre os ministérios da Defesa do Quem tem de decidir é o presidente da CBF Chefe de Estado apela à permanente unidade africana para desenvolvimento do continente Brasília Dos enviados especiais - O Chefe de Estado angolano, José Eduardo dos Santos, apelou na noite de segunda-feira, na capital federal brasileira, Brasília, a unidade Segundo uma nota de World Vision Takes on Security for the A Lesson in Physics and Engineering for Going Beyond Checkbox Security.

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