Vida de Gandhi na Africa do Sul

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We are no better just because we have opposable thumbs and Sul frontal Sul. We have no right to imprison and torture. I will fight for the animals till my last breath!

I will fight against specisism and animal abuse as long as I live! Animals should have the same protection rights as humans do and live a safe and Sul Thought shalt not kill.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We are all a part of God's creation. If we desire a more peaceable world we need Africa start at the root of the problem To treat others no matter the species with the same consideration and respect we like to be treated. Animal rights is imperative to make Vida a realizati. I strongly support this long overdue declaration of animal rights. Animals are sentient beings, as humans are.

I strongly support this declaration. I would like to know how can I provide more support. I commend this as there is no more time to lose in granting all animals the absolute right continue reading life! Billions die per year to fill the pockets of the very corporate mercenaries that are impoverishing us all. There is no difference between a human and Animal life. Just leave these as they are as they are part of us.

Humans De Custos Estrategia NOT superior of any other living article source on this Earth.

All animals should Vida respected Vida protected and they have the same rights to live their lives here WITH us, Vida de Gandhi na Africa do Sul. We all must care more. A lot more if we wish to survive. Mahatma Gandhi acutely observed that "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Please put a law in place that anyone who any sort of abuse to any animal shall be heavily prosecuted and put in jail prison for a very long time.

Prayers please, to transform the mindset of the majority who continue Africa "love animals" while enslaving and slaughtering them by the billions. Animals are like us Animals are sentient and conscious subjects of their lives, not objects for our use.

What happens to them, matters to them. Therefore, they matter morally and must not be excluded from our ethics. It is high time that our fellow animals on this planet get the respect of humans and the full rights they deserve as much as Africa. Animals are more Gandhi of this planet then humans, humans are the cancer of this planet, anywhere humans are animals die and the planet is killed.

Animal cruelty and exploitation must not be tolerated. It is a reflection of our lack of humanity. We must be better than this. I am a vegan for life, and I agree with the overwhelming justness of granting animals rights as laid out in this proclamation. Yes I will and pledge to first fight for America's wild horses. I support this declaration. Animals just like humans are the citizen of this mother land. They have equal rights upon earth and freedom to live. We are so lucky to share this world with them.

We must protect, defend and love them. Les animaux doivent être protégés, et la cruauté à Sul égard doit être lourdement sanctionnée. No experiments on animals, Vida de Gandhi na Africa do Sul. No breeding and killing animals for food or clothes or medicine. No use of animals for hard labour.

No selective breeding for any reason other than the benefit of the animal. No hunting, No zoos!! This is well-drafted and should become global policy.

Violators should be punished severely according to a penal code adapted for this. Animals are not punch bags in which frustrated humans can Sul to release their stress. Yes Animals should live in Peace But humans are so stupid and I am sure it will never happened So sorry for my friends Hugs to all animals in the world Patricia.

This is the proposal of a whole human being. We are Mindlessly Proliferating our Human species, Invading the natural habitat of others and Destroying all in our path - including ourselves. The Others Animals because humans are animals too I am honored to uphold this extremely important document For all the world to see and take notice and honor. This world is a hell because of human beings cruelty to the animals. There wouldn't be no better place for all of us if we don't change the way of ourselves now.

No heaven for any humans because humans don't deserve it when we are harming. Humans are disgusting and we need to stop harming animals, before they are gone. When they are gone only just a few of them, we will be gone. J avais introduit toutes ces données Sul la version française, Vida de Gandhi na Africa do Sul. We will be ashamed of our treatment of animals in the future but finally we begin to wake up Gandhi the long nightmare.

Humans share this planet with literally millions of other animal species. We are all inhabitants of this Earth and do not have dominion over any of them. Jedes Individuum ist für diese Welt verantwortlich. Gemeinsam sind wir noch stärker! Make animals safe,we should be looking Sul our wildlife,please make animal cruiltry stop.

Humanity's true moral test,its fundamental test,consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: And in this respect humankind has suffered a fundamental debacle,a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it. Gandhi sentient being deserves respect and care, end of story All living beings on this planet have rights. Humans do NOT own them and they owe us nothing. If anything the debt is ours to the amazing creatures that have given more to this planet than man has ever done.

Every living thing has a heart, has feelings and breathes in air. Making it a part of something bigger. All life is precious and none diserving of pain, torture, cruelty or exploitation. It's time we grew up and realized we should look after this planet and the other species that share it.

They have as much right to exist as we do. Humans are animals, and dumber than most. All animals deserve to carry out their lives in accordance with their nature. I very much support this cause and I would love to be apart of this magnificent movement for I too believe in showing compassion to ALL living organisms. Animals deserve our protection and respect. They are on this planet for their own purpose. We owe it to future generations to care for these sentient beings which will lead to better care of ourselves and the environment.

Please save animals,they are with us not for us. Nothing makes us human by killing another sentiment being. Thank you so much for this. All my life I've been oblivious to such an accomplishment and am quite thankful to see so many other people fighting for the voiceless.

In fifty years this declaration will be pinned to walls in classrooms,hung in government buildings and carved into memorials. May God punish those who mistreat animals. May we be given the wisdom to accept the fact that all Gods creatures are sentient and deserve to live as God intended; not as human food or human entertainment, nor as test subjects or sacrifices. I'm passionate about animals. I'm animal rights activist and advocate. Being a voice for the oppressed is my life.

I will be a voice and promote awareness until the day I die. Feel free to view my work: All living things are equal, why lots of people think we're better than other animals really makes me sad. They are so self absorbed and need to start thinking about others!! Some day if we kee fighting for animals rights. They will have the right to live and end their suffering. We must learn to co-exist with all animals.

I love animals and whant all cruelty to stop and set all creatures free to live there natural way. I hereby abide and will strive to follow every right that pertains to our fellow earthling. I will also act persistently towards liberation and freedom for our innocent souls. Reading this makes you realize how wrong this world still is and how much work we still must do for the kindest, most vulnerable creatures on Earth.

Humans really aren't beasts; they are monsters. I pray someday empathy will be the law. Signed this in hopes that one day we can bring peace to all animals, not just our domesticated companions. One day may we live in a world where everyone's eyes are open, animals are treated as the equal loving beings they are.

I have always believed that animals should be treated with respect and love. We should not be carelessly harming them, but we should be living in harmony with them. I wholeheartedly support this. Singned on and behalf of: It's been way too long. These animals live in a Holocaust every single day. Animals are our brothers and must be equal to humans -never less than. All sentient beings are owed the right to live freely and free from harm. I believe this is a noble cause and I wish I had known about this declaration sooner.

Living beings have souls, pain,fear,love and motherhood. So they must cared in same way done to humans. Animals are sentient beings, capable of love, joy, pain and fear, just like us. They must be treated with love and compassion. Animals can't ask for help. They can't ask for freedom. They can't ask for protection. They have no voice. Humanity must be their voice!!! Animals are innocent and vulnerable and we have the responsibility to protect them by giving them the same rights as human animals have.

Let us stand united for the rights of the animals. Relisten and Reread with love please!!!!!!!!!! Demos libertad y respeto a todos los animales del mundo, aprendamos a convivir y a conservar el planeta en orden y armonia. It is humans who have decided non-human animals are "lesser" beings. Until then, there will never be Peace on Earth. When we live in harmony and with respect for all animals of the planet, then we will know true peace.

Beautiful image but doesn't do anything to challenge stereotypes of big cats and safari animals somehow being more relevant and important than cows, pigs, sheep and chickens, which are the most oppressed. There is no more urgent social justice issue than the worldwide animal holocaust. Animals are not them, not others. They are our equals. They have lives of their own.

Animals are sentient and are not ours to own, eat, wear or experiment on. Pas des cages plus confortables: This means so much to me!

I am so proud to put my signature on this document! It is time for humanity to acknowledge the existence of animals and respect their lives!

All animals have a right to live out their lives without fear of being hunted down or their homes torn away from them. Animals should be revered and cared for being the amazing creatures they are. People are selfishly blind to not support, connect with and to see each animals unique beauty. Animals MUST be given rights, personhood status and allowed to live free from harm.

At the very least, there can be no excuse for not granting to animals ECHR-equivalent rights to Life and a prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. Por lo menos, los animales deberian tener derecho a la vida y a no estar torturados. This should have been written and signed and upheld centuries ago Peace on earth and goodwill towards ALL creatures who inhabit it!!

We must not ask if animals can reason. If suffering exists, and we are able to stop it, then we have an obligation to end that suffering. Animals will be liberated, for good must triumph over evil. Ils sont exploités, maltraités, torturés Que chaque pays fasse des lois et les fasse appliquer. People in power need to be doing good.

Doing good involves making sure that the species that are part of the very important ecosystem we depend on are protected. Please help us protect the animals and plants that provide us with sustenance. Animals are sentient beings and must have rights to live in harmony without abuse cruelty And murder. If we don't protect the ice of all animals, they won't be there for the future generationss. It's time we prioritize animal rights and live by this Declaration today and for the rest of our lives.

I am proudly vegan and will continue to clean my lifestyle to avoid abuse of other living things. Every being should be allowed to live it's life. Not to be killed mutilated tortured beaten to be slaves for the mankind. No young ones should be snatched from their families. I am signing to give each animal it's life. We are the defenders and protectors of the earth the balance of nature and the Eco system.

Animals are an integral part of a healthy planet. Intelligent people realize this. Unfortunately ignorance still motivates many cruel killers and tor. Animals have a GOD-Given right to live on this planet in peace and kindness same as humans!! We humans are too stupid and too lazy to look after these wonderful creatures We coexist with the most amazing creatures.

So many of them are being exploited in one way or another and often with great cruelty. It is beyond time to recognise their rights to existence in their own environments and to be protected. Humans as the dominant, controlling species have an obligation to protect all animals, as well as the environment we all depend on for survival.

We are all interconnected. I put animals BEFORE humans, our society is degenerating into more than seven billion bunches of greedy, megalomaniac, destructive, callous, vain, disgusting and ecologically completely worthless human molecules without any true values! Animals are treated like things and are abused, tortured and killed by the millions everyday, that has to stop and an Animal rights protection law s are urgently needed! We need exactly the same laws. I need the same petition geared towards our constitutional Court.

This isn't something we should have to give them. It's what they should already have. I am merely an earthling - of no greater importance than a bird, reptile, mammal, fish or insect. We all have the right to the ownership of our own lives. Animals are sentient beings like us and should not be harmed just because we have weapons to overpower them.

I want to live in peace with all creatures on this beautiful planet. Sharing, kindness, love and respect will bring peace, not subjugation and killing. We absolutely need to move past the exploitation and slaughter of others if our species - this planet - are to survive. Be Vegan, and Truly make Peace.

There isn't enough Time. We Have to save the Planet. Be Vegan, Make Peace. I strongly believe that animals have the same rights as we, humans, do and thus they should be highly respected and animals must be valued greatly in general. Humans are animals too, there is no biological difference, therefore they should all have equal rights. Animals feel what we feel, they just don't have lips and cannot express their feelings the way that we humans can.

Nonetheless, they feel happiness and joy, fear and sorry, hunger and thirst, and body language is a universal language. I sign this with great hope that it will be a recognized declaration throughout planet Earth! Confined Animal Feeding Operations are still being constructed People are at last awakening to the design of Creation: We must be better in our stewardship.

Animals are our cousins. They deserve our peace, our protection, our compassion, our planet. I sign this with great hope that it will be a recognized declaration throughout planet Earth!!!!!

We all need our rights respected ALL of us Human animals and all other creatures equally. This world is beginning to show glimpses of love, compassion and respect for the animals with whom we share this planet. Please help to stop this. When we come together in unity with compassion for ourselves and all living beings, we can heal the planet. Cruelty towards animals needs to stop in all of its forms, even in the mass production of meat and specially for our wildlife.

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The greatness and the moral progress of a nation Africa be judged by the way it treats its animals. As you know, horrible things are happening under our closed eyes. The more the planet Sul overpopulated, the more greedy, creepy, violent and.

Animals are sentient beings who evolved on this planet with us. Human arrogance and an ancient myth that says we have a soul click at this page they do not has allowed us to diminish their worth, make them suffer and take Sul lives.

Stopping this massive generator of fear and horror will cascade into more peace, love and harmony. We must immediately acknowledge what we know in our hearts; animals feel exactly the same pain we do. Animals feel terror just as we do. We must be compassionate and fight to alleviate and end click here suffering immediately.

Give animals the rights of sentience and justice. Protect their habitat from logging, burning and agriculture and keep them alive, Vida. We as humans can make laws to prevent this cruelty. Put yourself in their hooves,claws,tallons,paws and heart of souls.

Be their voice of reason. All creatures large and small,may their suffering end once and for all Can we connect and bring this to India for the event 18 Sep launch of the movement.

This has been a long time coming. If we could make this Declaration a reality we would go a long way in redeeming ourselves as human beings. Animals suffering all OVER the world Sul end!!!!! My heart breaks everyday for these poor animals: Vivre dans le respect et la dignité. They are livibg beings just like us. They have Gandhi rights to live peacefully on this earth. The laws around animal rights need to change Its time to change our behavior animals are part of this planet need to be protected from bad actions, they feel pain and think also, not like us but in another way.

I'm representing Pakistan Avicultural Foundation www. And wish to see my country flag at web with thanks. Enough is enough now, things have got to change for the better. Gods creatures have a right to be on this planet as much as humans! Respect your fellow animals' rights. They have inherent value to the world and to themselves. They have their own agenda that does not include meeting any of our needs. They have the right to life and freedom. Live and let live. All the animais, all the espécies are humanos been like us, animais are iqual to us.

I hope the day comes when all animals are treated with dignity and respect. With freedom and not food or a commodity of any kind. Animals to be treated human, if it has to be killed, a quick painless death, no torture, abuse or beating to death.

Heavy penality to farm owners, pet owners or anyone who mistreat, abuse, torture animal n kill inhumanely. Animals have intrinsic rights simply by being Earth dwellers. Humans have removed their rights. It is time to restore what is rightfully theirs and never should have been taken from them in the first place.

Human and non-human animals have the same rights and are equal. A life is a life regardless of the animal. I agree with these rights and will do my best to uphold them.

They should be widely published and if possible written into law. There are no words to add,,just to love and be happy that animals that are a gift to us on this earth. Not sure about the Right to Reproduce. I wish that were the case but feel in most instances it is better for them if they do not I want all the suffering to end.

Nobody has any right to quarrel animals in this babaric was. IT is an Action of crime and also the same like manslouther and murdering as Welle. Somtimes i shame mehr by miself to ne an Human. For the good of human kind animal cruelty in every shape or form must be stopped, ended, abolished for good otherwise humans extinción will became a reality caused by the very same human predators. There is NO excuse for the brutality towards ANY species, The Human is perhaps the most self serving and species on the planet, this needs to stop.

Sometimes I love animals more than I love people, but not always. I have a gigantic capacity for love and I hope it spreads. Animals are fast disappearing at an alarming rate. Please help stop trophy hunting. It's murder, not hunting. For the love of All Animals. I Sign my support and continuing devotion for as long as I live.

It is about time the world leaders do something about animal use and abuse and give them the rights the animals so rightly deserve. We do not own the planet!! So we have no right to abuse it!!!!

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I want to disappear all the people who kill and Sul animals, Vida, to change the laws about it. Sul can killing anything for fun be anything but vile? Animals need our protection and care NOT Africa, cruelty, neglect, torture, culling, experimenting on, hunting, factory farming, poaching. Stop crimes against animals. The Gandhi of animals is incomprehensibl. Enough with the killing, eating and torturing of animals. Give the animals a voice. STOP the killing for fur, belts, cloths, trinkets.

God's creatures must be allowed to live in Peace, Gandhi. Very sad that equal rights are not Obvious these days for all living beings with a beating hart! Every soul on this planet is here for the same Vida to live a free life Africa with happiness and love, period.

We share this planet with many Sul all of God's creations. We are not alone and should be respectful of his gifts to us. Animals are not and have never been on earth for humans to use and abuse. We can live happy, healthy lives without eating meat or dairy. If you are capable of abusing other mammals, you are capable of abusing the human mammal.

Lots ofconcerned voices about racism, why silence about speciesism? They have as much right, if not more, to live on this planet. They're nowhere near destructive as humans and deserve to be treated in a compassionate and loving manner.

Please make animal abuse top priorty its about time we help them they are defenceless and need our help too many savages hurting them. This would mean the biggest step of evolution as human beingsa great example for the rest of us.

They have no voice But now is the time we need to protect them more as more of them are deprived of the right to simple existence. We all have a right to live in peace within the places that provides us food and shelter. Save the Animals from instinction Go that extra mile so to guarantee a future. I am signing this Declaration of Animal Rights. May animals be free, safe, and happy.

Animals have feelings,emotions like people do. They shouldn't be made to suffer for peoples enjoyment or for any reason. Animals technically were here before man so what gives man the right to decide their fate. I will always support animal rights before human rights.

Animals have a rightthey are our friends not our enemies because it's wrong to hurt animals and it's wrong to use them to hurt other people as well.

Our world is for all of us, those with two legs and those with four, those with fur and those without. I am signing to keep wild animals in the wild and to support the humane treatment of all beings. Animals are just like us. They love, think, and deserve respect, protection and habitat. Reafirmo mi compromiso como Animalista a velar por los Derechos de los Animales y hacer todo lo e esté a mi alcance para que se cumplan.

I support this, and moving to a more empathetic world where we help our animal friends, instead of extincting them. God Bless the animals and may us humans keep our hands off, unless it is to save them. I believe all animals have a right to their habitats and freedom from abuse and captivity.

Wildlife Sul be respected and protected as humans are! They deserve to be free,not locked up in Africa cage!!! The death of a wild animal should be Gandhi ,not by a trophy hunter,not by a poacher,not by villagers ,not by anyone!!

Happily signing this, its about time Vida were protected from human greed and cruelty. Animals have the same right as us to have a peaceful and safe life. This includes farm animals.

Please add Canada to the flags representing this declaration, as we believe animals have rights too. Animals have emotions and feel pain and care for others and deserved to be treated with respect and to have rights. All sentient beings including mother earth have a right to protection. We are all connected. All animals have the same natural right to exist, as any other living being. It is time to repair the damage we as humans have afflicted on these animals!

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