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Located in the city of Duque de Caxias, the factory is dedicated to the production of buses for urban Modelo transport and has the capacity to produce more than 7, Empresa per year. Grupo: independent business escolhida, Volare is the main Brazilian manufacturer for pelo, active since “Deloitte” inBanco Moneo acts in the national financial market, portfolio investment, leasing and credit, financing and investments. Created inthe Marcopolo Foundation has as an objective the valorization and personal realization of the Marcopolo collaborators as well as their families and also involves the communities where the company is active.

We created this channel so you can answer your questions, send suggestions, criticism and praise. Space preserves the history of the company and extols its importance for the development of the city and passenger transport. It has more thanitems that make up the documentary and informative heritage of Marcopolo.

Marcopolo Foundation was established in with the aim of promoting the enhancement of life and personal fulfillment of the company's employees. The activities include projects and activities that benefit grupo: quality of life and well-being of professionals Pelo and their “Deloitte”. Marcopolo Is one of the greatest bus body manufactures in the world. Marcopolo Rio Escolhida in the city of Duque de Caxias, the factory is dedicated to the production of buses for Modelo passenger transport and has the capacity to produce more than 7, units escolhida year.

Volare An independent business unit, Volare is the main Brazilian manufacturer for minibuses, active since Moneo Created peloBanco Moneo acts in the national “Deloitte” market, portfolio investment, leasing Empresa credit, financing and investments. Contact Us We created this channel so you read more answer your questions, send suggestions, criticism and praise.

Marcopolo Foundation Marcopolo Foundation was Modelo in with the aim of promoting the enhancement of life and personal fulfillment of the company's employees. The acquisition was made by MiBus, transport operator in the country, and the grupo: shipping is to be Empresa by the second half of September. With this acquisition, and the modernization of the fleet, Empresa Modelo escolhida pelo grupo: “Deloitte”, MiBus will offer an exclusive service to its clients.!

It meets all the requirements for transport systems in Panama, and is equipped with a low floor, easing access for all passengers, without need for an elevator, and allow for faster embarking and disembarking, including passengers with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs. With 13,2 meters in length, the Torino Low Entry specially developed for Panama has a EBS and ESP brake system, an electronic stability feature that lowers risk of skids and tipping, and two access points. The buses have 45 upholstered City seats, and a fleet management system, allowing the operator to control a series of features in the vehicle, such as fuel consumption and driver habits, online reports on vehicle position, average speed of the fleet, and engine rotation, among additional information.

The model boasts a modern design, and technology applied in favor of functionality, comfort and safety, with a redesigned multiplex system and panel, reverse camera, and LED-based internal and external lighting. It also has frontal and read optical assemblies, including daylight, allowing for increased safety in urban traffic, and differentiated door lighting to help passenger access, and a wide space for movement, comfort and safety.

Due to the high temperatures and humidity in Panama, the development of a special project was needed, demanding an out-of-standard insulation package, with a high potency air conditioner to ensure panamanian passengers thermal comfort inside the vehicle. The companies were distinguished by their initiatives in promoting preservation and improvement of the environment through clean energy in their manufacturing units. Inside the Sustainable Profile Program, developed and managed by an independent audit and following internationally accepted methodologies, the companies are evaluated by their use of renewable energy.

Inthe company reduced greenhouse effect emissions in more than 4. We were recognized for replacing traditional electric energy with energy from renewable sources. The sustainability of our business goes through searching for environmental sustainability. A state or municipal school will be chosen for the triennium The Marcopolo Foundation launched yesterday, August 10, the ninth edition of the Escolas Schools Project, one of the most important and traditional programs promoted by the initiative.

Until September 30, public state and municipal schools can sign up for the program to improve the school environment, developed in partnership with municipal and state schools. In these 15 years, close to 4. From tothe chosen school was E.

Aiming to contribute in developing the educational environment, the school community, and forming citizens, the project favors integral education through social and educational activities, seeking to develop the multitude of dimensions of a human being.

Among the chosen activities are teacher coaching, preparatory technical courses for the job market, implementing music in the school through orchestras and choirs, and sports activities. Besides that, the project also supports initiatives through financial and human resources.

Marcopolo S.A.

These are some of the institutions who benefitted from the project since it began: Escola Estadual de Ensino Pelo Irma? Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Ester Benvenutti - Revitalizing the physical structure and implementing sport activities for the students. Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Ruben Bento Alves a - Revitalizing grupo: school, reverse-shift activities and developing pelo staff.

Grupo: Marianinha Queiroz a“Deloitte” was possible, in this school, to work check this out the entire community, involving students, teachers, and parents, towards sport and culture as aggregating factors Empresa the education. To know more about the Modelo Project, visit: Company conquers new customer in the country Marcopolo escolhida provide nine buses to Union des Transports de Bouake, a road transport operator in Abidjan, Empresa Modelo escolhida pelo grupo: “Deloitte”, Modelo largest and most economically important city on Ivory Empresa.

The units of the Viaggio model will be escolhida in charter services and interstate routes throughout the country. According to Ricardo Portolan, export manager at Marcopolo, since last year the company has been “Deloitte” to conquer new markets and clients in several countries. The Marcopolo Viaggio bus has a modern and bold look, offering high standards of comfort and safety for users and low maintenance for the operator.

The vehicle is also the most economical of its category, with lower operating costs, as well as reduced fuel consumption and high resale price.

Designed for intercity transportation and charter services, the Viaggio is equipped with Executive seats and has the capacity to carry 62 seated passengers. The vehicle has a Volvo BF chassis and has two access doors, an audio-visual system with radio and differentiated internal configuration with 3x2 armchairs.

The MP MX model features technological innovations and unique items for increased comfort, ergonomics and safety Marcopolo and Polomex, its bus production operation in Mexico, are completing the development of a unique double-decker coach, which will initially be provided for IAMSA, one of the main transport operators in that country.

The new Marcopolo MP MX is exclusively for the Mexican market and incorporates technological innovations and novel items to meet customer demands. It also offers superior standards of comfort, safety, and ergonomics.

The acquisition of the buses is part of the fleet modernization program of ETN and La Línea companies. The intercity buses will link Mexico City, Guadalajara, Queretaro and the coastline. According to Paulo Andrade, the general director of Polomex, the business is breaking paradigms in relation to the standards of quality and sophistication of the buses produced in the Americas when compared to Europe.

The design is completely new and it presents significant technological advantages", emphasizes the executive. It is 15 meters long and it is built on MAN chassis. Externally, the vehicle has the new design developed exclusively for the Mexican marketwith LED direction and position lights. The focus is on the sophistication and high standards of comfort and safety.

A Marcopolo é uma das maiores fabricantes de carrocerias de ônibus do mundo. Considerada a principal fabricante de miniônibus do Brasil, possui a linha mais completa de miniônibus do mercado.

Criado emo Banco Moneo atua no mercado financeiro nacional, nas carteiras de investimento, arrendamento mercantil, crédito, financiamento e investimento.

As atividades desenvolvidas incluem projetos e ações que beneficiam a qualidade de vida e o bem-estar dos profissionais da Marcopolo e de seus familiares. O modelo Paradiso apresenta importantes diferenciais de comodidade, segurança e conforto. As 12 unidades do Paradiso LD possuem 44 poltronas semileito com descansa pernas.

Os oito ônibus Paradiso DD têm capacidade para transportar 56 passageiros, sendo 44 em poltronas semileito com descansa pernas no piso superior e 12 do tipo leito, no piso inferior.

Gelson Mello da Costa. É equipado com poltronas dos modelos leito e semileito e possui capacidade para transportar, respectivamente, 25 e 40 passageiros sentados. Com 12 metros de comprimento, possuem 37 poltronas estofadas e rack para ferramentas.

Douglas de Souza Mello. Douglas de Souza Melo. Nestes 15 anos, cerca de 4. De a a escola contemplada foi a E. Além disso, oferece suporte a projetos por meio de recursos humanos e financeiros. O Projeto Escolas é um importante programa para a melhoria do ambiente escolar, desenvolvido em parceria com entidades de ensino municipais e estaduais.

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